Dinner in White

fatima overviewHands-down, one of my favorite events of the summer here in the twin cities is called dinner in white. The tradition started in Paris years ago, and it is where hundreds of people get together and set up a fancy picnic in a public space, dress up, and dine into the evening. My friends and I participated a couple of years ago and we are going again in a couple of weeks. We bring in everything including the tables, chairs, food, and decorations. It’s such a magical night!!

fatima pairIn the meantime, we are busy planning the menu, figuring out who is going to bring what, and the most important thing… What we are going to wear!! The rule is we have to wear all white. Last time, I tried to go with a bit of a twenties, Gatsby theme. This year, we are thinking more Gypsy punk circus flavor. I’m still open to suggestions though…

fatima day seatedHave you been to, or heard of dinner in white? If so, how did you prepare? Do you have events like this in your city? Or any annual summer traditions?

fatima eve light


Stay tuned to my Facebook page….pictures coming soon!!


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2 thoughts on “Dinner in White”

  1. Fatima, I love this. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is such a fun, unique idea to explore your own city. I can’t wait to try this out myself with friends!

    1. It is a magical experience and I highly encourage you to start something like this if it doesn’t already exist in your area! It’s a perfect way to enjoy beautiful summer evening, connect with friends, and be creative.
      The way it is done in our area is through Facebook. The organizer started a group and invited people so that everyone gets all of the updates and information at the same time.

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