Why Do Collectors Collect?

Kendy blog 2 2LThroughout my 30 years in the Home Shopping Industry, I’ve discovered that our customers love to collect. In the 1980’s, die cast cars, dolls, and capitamonte were the hottest collectibles.

Kendy blog 2 1LOnce the 90’s rolled around, sports collectibles, coins, and beanie babies were on the must buy lists of home shopping customers.

Today, watches, Tiffany style lighting, and Waterford Crystal are the collectibles of choice.

Kendy blog 2 1RI think collecting is an essential childhood hobby. It creates opportunities for curiosity and learning. It teaches kids how to take care of objects, spend money wisely, and cooperate when negotiating and trading. As kids, most of us collected marbles, trading cards, stamps, coins, etc. Kendy blog 2 2MMy children collected rocks and gems as they were curious about all of the gems I sold. Did you collect anything when you were a child? What was your favorite thing to collect and your prized possession? I wonder if kids collect as much as we used to Kendy blog 2 2Rback in the day . . .

I, personally, am not a collector of things at all. So, it’s curious to me why people become collectors. Really no one in my family collected anything, except my grandmother who had a plate collection on her wall. It makes me think that collecting begins as Kendy blog 2 3Ra family tradition . . . my parents really only collected family memorabilia, so I do the same in order to preserve the past. We preserve the kids’ photos, artwork, ribbons, letters of accomplishment, etc.


So, I’m curious . . .Kendy blog 2 3L

What do you collect?

Why do you collect?

How did you get started?

Is it a family tradition, passion, obsession, habit?

Do you collect for investment purposes, perceiving the items will increase in value over the years?

Kendy blog 2 3RDo you collect for status?

Has your collecting turned into hoarding?

What do you wish you had never collected?

What do you collect that Evine Kendy blog 2 1Mdoesn’t sell that you’d like to see us offer?

If you do collect things we offer, what are you missing in your collection that you’d like to see?

Please let me know, I’d love to hear about it!


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5 thoughts on “Why Do Collectors Collect?”

  1. I love Evine, but they need to step up on their jewelry (ring size). They need some large size rings (11 and above) and the same goes for plus+ fashions.

  2. I don’t know whether I would say I’m a collector per say? However, I inherited some items from m Mother that I cherish! I also have added to these things such as Waterford. We also had a tradition in jewelry that is kinda funny? My Mom wore Emeralds, my sister- sapphires; I was the Ruby! I have some jewelry pieces from my belated Mom; several yrs ago I discovered a blue pendant, round cut stone when tested was a Blue Spinel! I was estatic as I’ve learned so much from “the 3 Amigos”; own pcs from all 3! I let our local jeweler set this exotic/ rare find in a band (solitaire) ring setting that he had created! Much to my excitement after the ring was done I noted some small scratches were it was set! I was more than upset! I cried for days! With that being said I got advice from other jewelers in our area to either have it sent to NY.; possibly I would lose size of this precious stone; chancing losing it altogether! I was told to ask our “jeweler” to replace the stone; one suggested I wear it, enjoy the stone as is even if it were to “Fracture”! This had me not only angry but saddened once again! It’s a beautiful round gemstone I’d say 8mm? I could kick myself for ever taking it from pendant, making into a solitaire so that I could enjoy looking at this marvelous colored beauty! I’ve put the ring away and haven’t worn in several years, it’s now 10 yrs since my Mother has been deceased! When I see the 3 Amigos, thanks to Mr.Clemensy, that my Prayers are with his family for their recent Loss, to Michael Valitutti, who has some of my most “Wish list pcs”! And added to my own Collection! Last but not least, Mr Paul Deasey! I have one of his books among others tht I’ve learned from, he has given me so much more knowledge and love for all Gems! That and I’m 100% Irish! And have a older sister 3 Older “Irish” brothers and 1 younger brother! So I can relate to the “Irish Man thing”! Lol like (Bill O’Reilly) whom My Mom watched everyday! Talk about “The Spin Stops here”! Enough said! Lol
    Kendy, I saw you present the Mermaid piece and it brought so many memories to me as my Daughter was a swimmer, and placed 1st in the 11-12 yr State of Alabama Breast Stroke 50 Meters 18 yrs ago! She gave up swimming in High School! And my beloved Father in Law was University of Miami’s Swim Coach, and still has a Chair in the Hall of Fame @ the UM! I too swam competively for yrs but ballet became my Love and time consumption! I now have a 4 yr old granddaughter from my daughter who is like “a lil Fish”! She loves the water and I think was born wanting to get wet if it means splashing in the bath tub! I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren so the 3 Fish also hit home! The Sapphires may have been my “Sisters” stone but I’m a Pisces! I saw the Mermaid and heard your story and it just made me smile! I wrote down the Item # and Event price went up when I went back to view it again! 🙁 which I acually was suprised it still remained at all! I’m certain worth every penny and more! I have many pieces I’ve collected and some to my everyday Spinel Clicker Backs! “The Ring” by Paul in peridot and Michael’s pieces I’ve also put up with my Mom’s Blue Spinel! 🙁
    The local Jeweler we had used for many years did send off the ring to “speciality cutters” yet I’m still not comfortable wearing the ring should I bang it and fracture the stone! Or worse lose it! I do take it out and loop the stone that’s one of the prettiest Blue Colored stones I’ve set my eyes on at 51 yrs young! I have antique jewelry pieces of my Moms to several Diamonds! But this stone has more meaning to me hence I knew it wasn’t a “London Blue” or other Blue Stones I had seen or learned via the Gem Jewelry Shows to the books I’ve aquired! I think that my Mother knew what stone she purchased via the days her BFF dealt in Antique Jewelry and Antique Shows that she bought jewelry and other collectibles from!
    Before I leave this Earth, I want more than anything to have this Stone to be something “wearable” to leave my daughter and granddaughter! I know Michael Valitutti would probably be one of few I would trust in making this rare and special piece to me as beautiful as it was! Of course Chuck has that passion and special heart of making pieces that women enjoy! And I have definitely a few of his pieces! That and my Irish Man (Paul Deasy)! Lol
    I wrote this because I felt the emotional relationship in your Mermaid necklace that you had part in designing! And you were so spot on when you spoke of “young woman” being a strong woman! My Dad who was a OB GYN also made this a must for “young women” to be strong, independent and intellectual when making all the decisions in life! I carry many memories of him and losing him at 21 yrs of age was a huge void in my life! Yet he instilled that love and strength that kept me going! And that dreams can be reality if we pursue our faith, family and friends! Within reason!
    I’m hoping you enjoy the read! And I hope it’s a lesson learned to others “your personal jeweler” you need to know stands behind their work! And that takes a lot of experience and confidence in saying you guarantee your products! And every piece of jewelry I’ve purchased at Evine I can say the Quality of Workmanship is there! And I’ve only had 1 piece that I returned for a small imperfection. Lol I won’t disclose how many pieces I’ve purchased, because I truly have never counted just how many I have!

  3. Kendy,
    I started collecting Invicta watches in 2014, for the simple reason that Evine makes collecting affordable and fun. I collect to wear my watches and not to trade or sell. I never collected anything as a child. Thanks to Eyal Lalo and yourself and all the hosts to give me time for myself to enjoy. In terms of Waterford, I purchase for friends who love to use and display Waterford.

    One request is for Evine to partner or sell more clothing for men and to have shows. Lots of fashion for women, but very little for men. Evine makes the shopping experience so effortless, and only offers top quality merchandise. Please keep us posted on your kids it’s always fun to hear how they are doing. Thanks, Jon Parkus.

  4. Hi Kendy, I’ve become a collector of watches (and jewelry to a lesser extent but still quite a lot)! I guess you could say that it was ShopNBC that first got me started. I’ve always loved timepieces. My dad had a love of watches but since he couldn’t afford to buy watches the way that I do now, every now and then he’d save up enough money to splurge on a new strap. He would get so excited to put on a new strap and get a new look. I remember him sitting at the kitchen table with eyeglasses on and a knife in his hand, saying some choice words everytime a watch pin flew out of his hand and onto the floor. Of course, since my eyes were better (at the time – ha ha), I’d get on the floor and find it! So for me, I guess you could say that collecting watches reminds me of my dad, who passed away when I was 15…I’m 59 now. I just find watches so attractive. I have well over 300 watches now. Probably at least half of those are INVICTA. But since I am an equal opportunity collector, my collection contains many of the watches that Evine sells and range from some inexpensive pieces to my Brietling. In between that, I am the proud owner of some gorgeous pieces ranging in size from about a 35mm to a couple of 50mm pieces. I even have sub-collections within my collection! Like you, I have a 6″ wrist – while we’re at it, I wanted to let you know that you have marvelous taste..we always choose the same pieces as our favorites, lol (and I’m also born in Feb.)! I’m so excited because I just added the black version of the Fortis Space Leader Swiss VALJOUX to my collection (I already own the white one, which I got a few months ago). Unless you’re a collector, it’s hard to explain that feeling when you open up the box and smell that “new watch” smell – it’s def a rush for me! Struggling with the mummy wrap is one of my favs. As far as jewelry goes, I have a decent collection but I’m sure some folks have more. My mom loved jewelry. Whenever we’d go shopping, she’d always drift over to the jewelry counter. She always wanted to buy me something. I’m an only child and even though we didn’t have a lot, my parents treated me very well! Yes, I’m spoiled! Collecting keeps me out of trouble, then again, if hubby actually knew how much I spend on my hobby, I may be in a lot of trouble! Fortunately, he keeps busy with his guitars and amps! Hey, thanks for the chance to talk about my hobby. Stay well fellow Pisces!

  5. I would love to see you guys partner up with a watch company named “Talley & Twine” They make an awesome product and they have a moving story of how the company came about. I think a partnership such as this could increase evine’s timepiece market share by 2% within 18 months of introduction.

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