Who Rescued Who?

When moving to Minnesota almost 9 years ago now, I knew I was moving to a whole new part of the country with no family here.  After settling into my new place, I felt like something was missing.  Although we had lost our beloved family puppy years before when my daughter went to college, I never thought I would own another dog.  Well, sure enough – as the story goes – I would have to think again about being dogless!

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One day in January, a snowstorm was brewing and I needed to beat the storm and gather supplies.  I thought I should head out to a big box store to stock up.  In my new city – in my new car and with my new GPS – I got lost, very lost and ended up about 40 minutes from home.  Turns out, they don’t always know where you’re going!  On the route to get home, I pulled up to a light and looked to my left to see the animal shelter.  What the heck? Right? It was snowing; I was going nowhere fast in the snow – so in I went.  Just to ‘look’ at the cute puppies!

Allison blog 2 1RIt was love at first sight.  Riley was a 4 year old mixed breed (of many things) but looked like golden + lab mix to me.  She sat in the back of her kennel, scared, skinny and looked tired.  As I read her ‘card’, she had been ‘dropped’ off at the night window with no information.

I asked to see her and, as they brought her out of the kennel, I knew she would never return.  She came home that day.  She has been the best friend and companion since the day I brought her home.  She is a quiet, gentle soul who has always been there.  When my mom was sick this past year, she never left her side. She’ll go anywhere with you.  She’ll walk right beside you in the rain or in the hot sun – she is always there!

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Writing this blog has allowed me to remember that day so clearly.  I am blessed to have turned left instead of right.  I guess you never know which is the right way or what you will find, only that – if you get a chance – follow your heart. Riley has given more than she has ever asked, a million times over.

Thank you for blessing us with your love every day, little Riley.

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8 thoughts on “Who Rescued Who?”

  1. Oh Allison I love your story about Riley!! I always wondered if you got her as a pup, or adopted her later. She is just beautiful. I wonder who could ever give her up?? But thank goodness you found each other!

    1. Thank You so much! When we adopted her she was approximately 4 years old. They didn’t know her birthday, so we gave her my mom’s birthday and they always celebrated together!

  2. WoW, That really tugs on my heart strings more than you know.

    I wish you so many years of joy together and continue to love everyday together.

    I don’t think it was really a mistake getting lost, I think you were directed to Riley.

    My heart aches daily for my boy who passed 7 months ago in my arms after 16 beautiful years together. Like you, I feel blessed that Chase and I found each other and our hearts melded as one.

    1. Thank you Lee! We are so blessed. I am sorry to hear of your loss. It is so hard to lose something that has given you so much friendship and unconditional Love. We give a donation each year in Riley’s honor to help feed the dogs at the shelter. Maybe your next friend is right around the corner!

  3. So, I’m sitting here at work not doing much when I get this email from Evine to read some of the blogs from the hosts. So I enter the blogs and start reading when I come across your blog. Now I’m crying at my desk. God Bless you for following your heart and turning left. My husband and I are such animal lovers, we always adopt and have never regretted it. These so called “throw aways” make the best pets you could ever imagine having. They give you sooooo much love for giving them a furever home and, of course, much lovin’ in return. Hope you and Riley have a most wonderful life together!!

    1. Thank you Dawn! You are so kind! I love the ‘fur-ever’ comment! She is just so sweet and such a gentle soul! My daughter and I have been thinking of ways to raise awareness and by you reading the blog it reminds me that we can all make a difference! Have a wonderful week and ‘fur-ever’!

  4. Allison, as a dog lover, your story really touched my heart! I found my beloved Bear 9 years ago when visiting my girlfriend. Her son had just returned home from the military, & his buddy brought him a pitbull/Australian shepherd mixed puppy as a welcome-home present. My friend, who already had 4 dogs of her own, knew that her son would not be up for the challenge of caring for it, & said, sadly, that she was going to bring him to the shelter the following day. My son, who was 6 @ the time, begged me to take the puppy home “just for 1 night”. He called him “Bear”, since he’s brown on 1 side (like a grisly), & white (like a polar) on the other. It was I who fell in love, & the rest is history! He’s been a loving & loyal companion through the good times & the bad, & I truly believe that “fate” brought us together that day! Thanks for sharing your heartwarming story!

    1. Thank you Randy! Bear sounds wonderful! I always love the stories of the names of our pets and the stories of how we found our pet mates! You are so sweet when you said, just one night, you already knew you would love him forever! Thank you for sharing your story! I am so honored you did and take care of Bear!

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