The Best Stories are Real!

I love bookstores. If I’m lucky enough to a have a morning, afternoon or evening free you’ll find me in a bookstore.  I’ve tried reading e-books, audio books, but my favorite are the glossy hardcover variety found in the shelves of a bookstore.

kk-blog-4-bookIf I have to choose, biographies/autobiographies are my favorite books to read. I’ve literally read hundreds of real life tales written by, or about  . . . kk-blog-4-new-bioreal life movie stars, dancers, artists, athletes, religious leaders, politicians, historical figures and ordinary folk alike.  I prefer reading a story that has really happened. The adventures, twists, turns and lessons learned by others inspire me.

My love of autobiographies started at the age 16, I picked up a book for 99 cents in a bargain bin at my hometown drugstore.  That 99 cent autobiography was Be my baby, by Ronnie Spector. Ronnie was in the 60’s kk-blog-4-biofamed girl group, the Ronettes. I didn’t know her, but I loved the song ‘Be My Baby’ and the cover of the book with her bouffant hair-do, false lashes and thick black eye-liner intrigue me.  I decided at 99 cents I had nothing to lose.  I got the book home, opened it up, started reading and, in 2 days, had read it cover-to-cover. Then and there, I was hooked on real life stories.

kk-blog-4-reading-cabinI read about a book a month.  I love learning from the lives lived by others.

One of my favorite quotes sums up my love of autobiographies: “Your life has purpose.  Your story is important. Your dreams count.  Your voice matters.  You were born to make an impact.”

Life is crazy, beautiful, amazing and unpredictable, and every person has their own story to tell . . . and, to me, these are the most interesting stories of all.

kk-blog-4-booksDo you like autobiographies as much as I do?  Please let me know!

If not, what do you like to read?  I’d love to know that too. Please share 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Best Stories are Real!”

  1. Reading what was said about books I feel the same way. I love bookstores, thrift shops, yard sales wherever you can find a good book. I love bios., autobios., mystery and good romance novels. I collect children books and cookbooks, whatever catches my interest. Yes, love of books are a beautiful thing. Happy reading !!

  2. I do love reading real stories of people’s lives. It amazes me what some people have gone through and survived. When I was young I read comedies. Then I read stories of adventurous people. Now I’m 56 yrs old and love real stories of real people. I am watching Evine now, Paul Deasy is on. I saw him and his wife Judy on (sorry) QVC. Then they left there. Next I found them on HSN. And now they are on Evine. Hope they stay. I learned so much about gems watching Paul through the years. Love Evine. And nice I got to say something here. I don’t ever write on things like this… ever. But loved to see the books you like to read. Happy reading to ya🤓

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