Behind the Scenes with Effy Gems and Designer Effy Hematian

One of my favorite jewelry designers is Effy Hematian-not just because I love his rose gold panthers with diamonds, exquisite workmanship and use of colored precious gems, but also because he passionate about a business he started himself since 1979 – and he is adorable!  Wearing one of his Effy Ties along with a tailored Navy suit,  Effy is the epitome of a gentleman–warm, kind and gregarious, he began showing me around his multi-level office building where all of his designs are made.  Effy’s designs are all made and designed in the USA and I saw the floors and floors of workers who make it happen.

wr4-wendi-effyIn one room are the female photographers who touch every piece and capture their beauty for still shots.  Another stores bins and bins of gems, female workers tirelessly separating the colored gem stones to create matching earrings or to pave a ring so that all of the rubies, emeralds and sapphires match perfectly.  Did you know that women are only hired for this job as they have superior skills in color matching?  Since I’ve studied at GIA and am a certified diamond and colored stone grader, I can appreciate the work that goes into sorting each gem and the expertise it requires!

wr4-sorting-gems3wr4-sorting-gemswr4-sorting-gems2Another floor was dedicated to setting stones, polishing and finishing the piece, while still another floor dedicated to melting and pouring the gold into each mold for the rings, bracelets and necklaces they produce.  Effy has the design team in his own office with large computers where he can see his designs come to life on 3D screen; a series of awards decorate his walls – he beams with pride as he tells me about the designs that are being created for EVINE exclusively.

wr4-grinding-gemswr4-grindingI was taken to a room where all of the Effy designs are set up by style – from the dreamy and classic Panther collection with black diamonds, to diamonds, rubies, sapphires, serpants and leopard print (this gorgeous ring is one of our best sellers – wait until you see the matching pendant that we’ll be featuring in a month!).  I was most impressed by the men’s line which featured a diamond leopard band – we are bringing in the men’s line soon so get ready!  I could easily see a woman wanting this band ring too!   When I was brought to a large case of just enormous one-of-a-kind sapphire and emerald rings featuring the highest quality natural emeralds, I HAD to try a few on! These are movie star-ready for the red carpet and EVINE is going to be featuring a show dedicated to these high-end, exclusive pieces for those of you who really love estate style rings with high quality precious gems.  I’ll keep you posted on when that show will hit EVINE airwaves!



Get ready for another drool-worthy collection of gemstone and gold jewelry on EVINE this fall!  See you soon!

XO  Your Rock Hound,  Wendi Russo

GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP), GIA Certified Diamond Grader, GIA Certified Colored Stone Grader

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