She Said Yes!

Engaged1I cannot believe our little girl is getting married! When I look at her I still see my chubby cheeked little baby that was always smiling.

Engaged2Her fiancé, Tristan, was her high school sweetheart and is everything we could have hoped for in a life partner for our daughter. They met at summer camp when Bailee was trying to set him up with her friend. The more she raved to her friend about how great he was, the more she began to ask herself  “Wait, why am I not dating this guy?”

It’s hard to believe they just celebrated their 7 year anniversary!

We have watched Bailee and Tristan grow up together. After graduating from the same high school and going off to different colleges they eventually reunited to graduate from the same college. They have each started successful careers and have supported each other every step of the way.

Engaged3The big engagement was so much fun! It was full of family and friends, and a moment we will never forget. Thank you Tristan for allowing all of us to be a part of your special moment.

Bailee and Tristan want to share the planning of their big day with all of you and ask for your advice along the way. You can follow my Facebook page for details and to weigh in on some of their wedding planning.  Here are a few of the selections they have made so far:

Engaged4First, who wants to see the ring? Tristan designed this lovely piece with the one and only Sonia Bitton. Tristan worked for months on the design and Sonia added her special touches to make it the ring of Bailee’s dreams. Notice the six pink diamonds on the bezel set to represent the six years they spent together before getting engaged, how sweet is that?

Here is a photo of the lovely industrial style venue of the big day! Its creative, unique and fun, just like the happy couple.


The dress…NO WAY! Bailee won’t allow any sneak peeks at her dress for the big day, but she did suggest we ask all of you to weigh in on helping to pick my dress. The color will be a dark berry shade.


Do you like option A or B? Leave your comment below and remember to follow my Facebook page for more fun wedding updates and to help them plan their big day!



Congrats Bailee and Tristan. We are so excited for the wedding!

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77 thoughts on “She Said Yes!”

  1. What a lovely couple and you should feel so blessed. I love the red dress; knowing u from seeing u so many times on Evine, this is YOU!

    Good luck Heather…..enjoy a day you will never forget!

  2. Thanks for sharing Heather !! It is all so beautiful Bailee and Tristan make a beautiful couple and RING is unbelievable !!Best of luck to the bride and groom . I would pick B for the dress It will stunning on you !!!

  3. Dress A is pure elegance and grace and your daughter would be beautiful in both but A is surely mean’ t for her for she has the look of elegance.

  4. Hey Miss Heather it’s Matty Boyer!
    OMG SOOO HAPPY for you guys and I’m sooo glad to see Tristan (finally) popped the question! I saw your blog post on Facebook and just had to see what your dress options were. Both beautiful! Here is my two cents, I would pick DRESS “A” – the white dress.

    I do like the red dress, however, the red is so bright I would be afraid of it competing for attention with the bride as well as not really fitting with the wedding venue, colors, ect…

    I think the WHITE is the better option, but I would maybe add a jacket or a large colored silk/pashmina wrap around your shoulders or draped around your neck. That will help break up the white (so you are not entirely color matching the bride), still fitting the scenery and matching well when the family photos are taken but not matching too much with Bailee. My suggestions for color would be either a light pastel rose or baby blue, soft and subtle, or pick one of the wedding colors Bailee and Tristan have picked for the wedding theme.

    Hope that helps with anything, I cannot wait to see how the photos turn out and wish your entire family (and newly extended family) the best through these exciting yet busy times!

    Matty Boyer

  5. Oh Heather, both are impossibly gorgeous! I very slightly go with B, but actually love the white one’s single shoulder look. You and the dress can’t lose! I see both you and your husband in your beautiful daughter! Congratulations to you all!

  6. This is tough, because both dresses are extremely elegant and would look beautiful on you! However, this a special day and I would choose the second dress, with the attached cape. SPECIAL!

  7. Never! Never! Wear white like the bride….Hehe!…If the colors allow you..Does the dresses come in other colorsor are these her colors????? You would look beautiful in the white one but not white!…Get back with us on the colors of her wedding please!……

  8. B it is going to be a gorgeous event Congratulations and many blessings and great memories to come with tons of love and happy times!!! ❤🌼❤🌼❤🌼❤🌼

  9. I like a but I Love B!!! The neckline is so elegant and beautiful. I can picture you in that Heather. It reminds me of something Princess Diana might wear.

  10. Hello, Heather.
    Congratulations on your daughters engagement! So exciting! After having met you in person in Cancun and seeing your many on-camera outfits during that week, I love option B for you. You have great shoulders to pull off the off the shoulder, and the fit is very flattering. I think it would look amazing in berry. Can’t wait tiki see more pics.

    By the way, Tristan did an amazing job on the ring! It’s stunning! She’s a lucky girl.


  11. Hi Heather. ..Congratulations to your daughter and her Fiancée. I particularly like A…I think the white dress is absolutely elegant and sophisticated. I feel it goes so well with the beautiful ring and the whole setting of where the wedding will be held. Its all gorgeous and I wish her and her husband to be all the very best. So happy for you too Heather! 🙂

  12. So exciting !!!!! So happy for you all!!!! I love both stunning dresses – but if I had to pick .. I would pick A👍🏻😉. I think the one shoulder look like that is so elegant!! I look forward to seeing the pics !!!!

  13. Omg!!! I love both!!! But leaning towards B Can’t wait to see you in it Congrats!!! Who’s the designers ?? My daughter also will be getting married Plse share your dress info It’s so hard to get a MOB dress That’s Not to Old or Young looking Both dresses are beautiful !!! Please share photos & info Thank you Love ❤️ you Heather 😘❌⭕👰🏻❤Congrats!

  14. Congrats Heather for Bailee & Tristan’s engagement . May God bless them with everything their little hearts desire. As for the dress, obtion A . You look awesome in everything.

  15. Heather,
    You and I both know you will look beautiful in anything you wear. To be perfectly honest, I think that A (white) is a NO. Maybe I’m old and old fashion but only the bridge should w ear white. And (B) is waaaay to vixen for the mother of the bride. I remember seeing you a few years ago in Vegas doing a live show and you were wearing a beautiful lace dress. I can’t remember if it was pink or ivory but I do remember you showing a picture of yourself at a wedding you went to that same weekend and you wore that same dress. I even commented on it that it was the same dress. You commented back on my good memory. It’s never too late to change your decision but I would love to see you in a similar style and color for Bailee’s day. Regardless, you will be stunning but don’t try to outshine the beautiful bride, who by the way, looks like you just spit her out. Enjoy and congratulations to your entire family and new son in law, he’s a gem.

  16. I think since you’re an elegant host the white ensemble would articulate your beauty but also not make you compete with the bride.
    Congratulations to the bride and groom!!

  17. I think you would look great in both cuz your so pretty but I think A would be my option for the berry shade-you have such style and it stands out and please wear your hair down!!!
    I am a great fan of yours !You are a great host -so knowledgable!!
    Congrats to yr daughter

  18. The first one you showed in white for sure…much more unique…and it looks more comfortable and not quite so formal…Sooo Exciting!

  19. Hi Heather! Love you on EVINE! Congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming wedding! Have you heard about Live Event Painting? If you are looking for something unique to add to Bailee’s wedding, this is something worth looking into. I am one of a very small group of artists performing this service, and would love to do a painting at her wedding. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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