Irish Strangers in the Night

On my recent trip overseas for our Waterford Irish Christmas event, I had the incredible pleasure to travel all around the Emerald Isle and connect with several generations of family members that I’d never met. It was a bit scary delving into the personal unknown. What would I say to these strangers? How would I carry on a conversation? What if they’re weird or worse off, don’t like me? YIKES!!


Well, I can tell you once the initial band-aid was ripped off and the first hug was shared, it was amazing how the human spirit took over.  I felt right at home with these delightful humans, who generously gave of their time to share in my life lasting memory making. Truly blessed! If you’ve been putting off looking up your family tree and meeting loved ones near or far-don’t waste another moment! I can’t wait to see them all again and continue our journey into the now, not so unknown.

Cheers xx


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