Cooper the Wonderdog

In honor of my fur baby Cooper’s 5-year adoption anniversary I thought I would blog about the way too skinny, battle weary, “vicious” stray with broken ribs, broken legs and worms that changed my world!
Yep, you heard it right. He was battered and broken and a stray on the streets of Texas that eluded the local dogcatcher for over a year.
Once an animal rescue finally got a hold of him they deemed him virtually “unadoptable.”  You gotta love an underdog, right?

So this is our story. Our story of trust, love and friendship.  My little monster is a Miniature Pinscher that we named Cooper.  Yes, he has baggage and yes he can be terrifying, but he is the furry love of my life.  About 5 years ago the kids were all out of the house to college in another state.  So we were empty nesters.  Sounds awesome right?  It had its moments of awesomeness but it’s really quiet after 2 ginormous boys are not taking up space in your house any longer.  On one of those really quiet Saturdays, I took out my motor scooter and went into town to run some errands and ended up in an accident.  Surgery was next and a LONG recovery process.  This is where the Coop comes in.  Since I was laid up I knew that I had some pity points with my husband and could pretty much talk him into anything.  Now was the chance for a new puppy!  I started looking into animal rescue places and found one called Midwest Animal Rescue right here in Minnesota.  I wanted a Miniature Pinscher because it was a good size and because I wanted a dog that would go everywhere with me and be up for any adventure.

I reached out to see if they had a Min Pin for me; I wanted one that no one else wanted and that is how I found the greatest dog in the world.  The rescue place sent me this picture of “Lambert” – that was the name they gave him.  He is SOOO NOT a Lambert – and I went to see him.


I knew that this was the dog for me; he needed me and I needed him.  Even though he had a REALLY rough history he was amazingly adaptable, was playing with the other puppies and was very inquisitive.  I wish that I could tell you it was love at first sight for Cooper but he was leery, can’t blame him.
Fast forward 5 years, that’s 35 years in dog years, and now Cooper is the smartest, quirkiest dog that knows how to dance like Beyoncé, jump like Wonderdog, sit like an angel and shake like a gentleman.  He can also sing to Bruno Mars “Locked out of Heaven.” He goes to the dog park, puppy day care and loves to find a sun puddle to lie in at home.  He has the run of the house and my entire heart!  The house is NEVER quiet now, the boys LOVE him and he has made my empty nest full of crazy Cooper fun.  I hit the puppy lottery when I adopted him- that too skinny, battle weary, “viscous” unadoptable stray just needed someone to trust and someone to love.  Guess what?  The unconditional love that he returns to me is 10 fold!


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