Be Good to Others

We all lead busy lives and time is often a commodity that we never seem to have enough of. We barely have enough time to get all we need done for ourselves and our families, let alone carving out time for random strangers or the numerous causes that pop up.

As we begin to get settled into the new year, NOW is the perfect time to reflect upon the past and how ‘doing good unto others’ may not actually be as hard to accomplish as we might think.


Whether it’s as simple as holding a door for a stranger, dropping spare change into a collection tin or taking a few hours to deliver meals, run errands, or help finish a ‘to do list.’ Find an organization that speaks to your heart and I promise you the personal reward is so worth it when you see the moment of surprise, gratitude, happiness and unbiased love on a strangers face-I sure hope you’ll try it at least once this year.

Cheers xx

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