My Brother

I am so thankful for my brother Joe.  He is not only the best big brother you could possibly have by your side, but he also has a chocolate factory.  The best of both worlds – wonderful brother and delicious chocolates.  He has been leading my family for years with is patience and strength.  He is also really funny and loves to play practical jokes on everyone.

People ask me all the time about Joe and Waggoners Chocolates.  I thought giving you a behind the scenes look might shed some light on how amazing he is and cool it is that he has a chocolate factory.

Joe as been creating confections for some of the most renowned chocolate companies in the world.  Many of the chocolates that you love have been developed by Joe and his team.  He also travels the world to bring the cocoa beans from harvest to market.  He can taste a bite of any chocolate in the world and tell you the quality, level of cocoa and usually what region it has come from.

That leads me to Waggoners Chocolate.  When Joe decided to build his own company, he wanted to keep it small creating some of the finest confections in the world.  Every piece of chocolate is created in small batches, with ingredients that are local.  Fresh creams and butters from the Ohio valley.  Fresh pretzels baked and shipped right to the factory to be drenched in chocolate. Made in the USA which is so important to Joe as he served his country for 8 years in the Army.

When Joe was asked to come on television, he was initially worried about the delivery to customers, freshness and quantity.  He chose to come on when he learned he could ship right from his factory to the customers.  His visits are limited; he only makes what he can make.  He has always believed that customers are family.  So many folks over the years that shopped in his store are now close, personal friends. His wonderful wife, Stephanie and daughter Cierra share in all the work with Waggoners Chocolates.  That is why every time you take a bite, you know the box was packed with love and pride.

I am not involved in the business at all, but last year he gave me the honorary title of ‘president of taste testing’  and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Give Joe a call next time he is on air next time and let him know what new flavor you would love to try!

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