Much Younger Siblings

Having a much younger sibling can be an ‘interesting experience’ to say the least.  Imagine my surprise as a rebellious teen to find out one day that my mom was pregnant with another baby? I couldn’t believe it.  I was 14 and had little interest in another baby coming into household.  I mean, “what was my mom thinking?” as I rolled my eyes and teased my hair even further up on my head.  My sister and I were aghast (but secretly kind of excited too).


Blurry but here he is!

Robby Chughtai came into the world kicking and screaming, and nothing has ever been the same since.  Instead of going out with my friends on the weekends, now I was having to play babysitter much of the time and change many dirty diapers.  I learned all sorts of things about raising a child that I never knew about: how to heat bottles, rock a baby to sleep and give him a bath in the sink. There were nights that I went to high school with red, puffy eyes because Robby had stayed up crying the entire night and nobody in the house got any rest.

Before I knew it, the time had come for him to start Kindergarten, and I was right there with my parents dropping him off for his first day of school.  Something really strange happens when you have a much younger sibling. You really do start to feel like a second mom.  As he grew up, I got to know all his teachers and they would even call me or my sister if he had any issues.  I even remember going to several parent/teacher conferences for him!  The “baby” was growing up fast!

Mornings I would fix him breakfast and search in vain for his school uniform. I would also pack him a lunch and make sure he got to school in a timely fashion. Thinking back on it the whole time seems like such a blur!


Here we are taking another infamous selfie

Then, shortly after I finished college, when he was busy with friends and life, I got the call to move to Alaska for my first television job!  I was so excited to start this new life and got busy saying my goodbyes to everyone.  Who knew when I would be back?  The world was my oyster!  As I got ready to head to the airport I gave every family member a quick hug and got in the car chock full of every emotion you can imagine.

As I backed out of the driveway – I saw Robby coming out the front door. Big crocodile tears running down his face as I left.  I will never forget that sight.  It was just how I had felt when I dropped him off for his very first day of school.  I may not be a parent to any children of my own, but I do get the feeling that parents have when kids grow up.

Now I am 36 and Robby is 22!  We are closer than ever before.  Our relationship has changed in the most amazing way where he is my best friend and advice giver.  Anytime I need someone to vent to, I can call my little bro and he is always there to lend a listening ear.  I am so blessed to have a younger sibling who I once thought was going to ruin my life entirely (teenage angst and drama)!


Time sure does fly!

Tell me about your younger sibling?


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