Skincare 101, or “I bought it, now how do I use it?!”

Hosting beauty shows each week is so much fun!  I get to work with fantastic guests, learn about the latest trends in skincare and, of course, sample EVERYTHING!  The one question I hear from you week after week is: ‘how do I use all of this stuff, and in what order do I use it?’ So, I thought a good, basic overview would be a fun blog post and I hope you find it helpful.  Keep in mind: this is a basic overview as we carry so many great brands. For brand specific questions, you can go to our website and find that most brands have super informative tutorial videos.  If you don’t find answers there, either leave a comment below with your question or visit my Facebook page at:, post your question and I’ll try to answer it for you.  Ready for Skincare 101??

Step 1: Cleansing

Heather blog 2 consultThis is critical to great skin.  Sleeping with our makeup on is one of the biggest mistakes we make, it REALLY ages us!  The skin rejuvenates while we sleep and, when its dirty and clogged, we slow or even stop this process.  I know we all get lazy at times but, as a general rule, we should all be going to bed with clean and hydrated skin.  Use a clean washcloth each time you cleanse and, if you own a cleansing brush, you get bonus points!  Alcohol-free cleansing wipes are okay every now and then, but shouldn’t be a substitute for thorough, old-fashioned cleansing.

Step 2: Exfoliating

Heather blog 2 Borghese











This is a done on an as needed basis, and everyone will be different.  I personally exfoliate three days a week, but you should test what works best for your skin. As we age, our cell turnover slows wayyyyy down (thanks, mother nature) and we need to start doing manually what our bodies once did naturally.  If you’re over 35, you should be exfoliating!  We offer tons of choices and I’m sure you can find one to work for you.

Step 3: Serums

Heather blog 2 immortalThis is usually the most concentrated and powerful anti-aging step we have!  If you’re looking for one area to splurge in, I’d say either serum or eye cream. Most brands we carry tell me their most advanced anti-aging ingredients are in the highest concentrations in the serums.  Some brands even offer eye serums!  As I layer skincare, I use the thinnest products first and then work my way up to my moisturizer. Serums go from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your neck. BONUS TIP – use leftovers on hands.

Step 4: Moisturizer

Heather blog 2 DimitriAlways apply your moisturizer with an upward sweeping motion. Gravity’s working hard enough to pull our skin down, so I’ll take any lift I can get!  Take time to massage your moisturizer in, and let serums absorb fully before taking this step. Massage is great for circulation and can make our daily skincare chore feel like a mini spa treatment.

Step 5: Eye Cream

Heather blog 2 all beauty 1If you can afford it, consider getting a cream specifically for the eye area. The skin around the eyes is more delicate, and requires more TLC, than the rest of our face. Apply eye cream in all areas of the eyes that your sunglasses would cover (I just learned this great tip recently from our of our fab guests!) This includes above the eyebrows, under eyes, along sides of eyes, and really work in the crows feet area. BONUS TIP: work extra product on forehead between brows to avoid the dreaded number 11s.

BONUS ROUND: Masks, peels, face oils, tools and supplements 

Heather blog 2 SonyaThis is where you take your skin to the next level!  Invest in your five basics first and, when you can, splurge on something from this category. Or let your friends and family know that, when holidays and birthdays roll around, this is a GREAT gift idea for you. We offer too may to go through, but please read all the reviews at and watch for our great Day of Beauty sales.

Here is to glowing skin!!

Hugs, Heather

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Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!

Allison blog 1LBeing a host on television seems to be all glitz and glamour.  The truth is, I’m pretty simple behind the scenes.  One of my favorite passions is great skin care and make up.  Being simple and being passionate about good skin care and makeup don’t seem to go hand in hand, but they do!  I’m on a quest to find solutions to my aging skin and love to have fun with makeup – whether it’s a nude, no makeup look or all dolled up!

My friends ask me all the time – ‘Do you really use all those products?” The answer is yes, yes and yes! What is your issue?  That’s the amazing thing about great beauty – every item IS a solution for someone!  My bathroom counter is a bit crazy because some days I go crazy with a great mask or peel, and some days I just use a little coconut oil to bring moisture back to my skin!

Allison blog 2RI was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease when I was little and battled my whole life with some type of stress to my skin.  When I was younger my mother would tell me just to love the skin I was in . . . and now I understand what she means.  Love what you have, really be happy in your own skin. In loving my skin, the entire world of skin care opened up to me.  So my suggestion is to simply have fun and try something new!                                                                                                                                                                                   No makeup at all…..yep, none.

There’s no wrong way to jazz up your routine and there might just be your next favorite eye cream around the corner.

So here goes my average day!

  • Always cleanse – Every day, morning, night, lunch time.  Seriously, whenever I need to add a little freshness to my day I cleanse my skin.  It might just be warm water all the way to a deep cleansing clean. My mom also told me to use good cotton washcloths, clean every time when washing to get a deep clean.
  • Hydrate – I use different creams for the different seasons and reasons.  If I’m going to bed, it might be something a bit heavier and, in the day, lighter.  But it really depends on my skin . . . if you need something specific, use it!
  • Eye Cream – Obsessed would put it mildly.  My eyes are showing their age and I love using different products . . . I’m on the quest to try them all!
  • Allison blog 3LMasks, Scrubs and Peels – Yes, Yes and Yes.  Have fun on a Friday, or after your boss yells at you, or when you just want to stay in and pamper yourself. Try new and fun ways to change things up and make yourself feel like a princess.

There are no rules for skincare, beauty or makeup. Love your skin, have fun with great products, try something new. Remember, your skin has been with you through it all and stuck with you!

Love, Joy and Peace!

p.s. Here’s one of my favorite, homemade Vanilla Lavender Sugar Scrubs – use on your feet, elbows and knees!

1 cup white sugar                                                                                            1/4 cup olive oil                                                                                                  1 teaspoon vanilla extract (pure)                                                                      5 drops of lavender oil

Mix it all together in a glass jar!

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