The Best Stories are Real!

I love bookstores. If I’m lucky enough to a have a morning, afternoon or evening free you’ll find me in a bookstore.  I’ve tried reading e-books, audio books, but my favorite are the glossy hardcover variety found in the shelves of a bookstore.

kk-blog-4-bookIf I have to choose, biographies/autobiographies are my favorite books to read. I’ve literally read hundreds of real life tales written by, or about  . . . kk-blog-4-new-bioreal life movie stars, dancers, artists, athletes, religious leaders, politicians, historical figures and ordinary folk alike.  I prefer reading a story that has really happened. The adventures, twists, turns and lessons learned by others inspire me.

My love of autobiographies started at the age 16, I picked up a book for 99 cents in a bargain bin at my hometown drugstore.  That 99 cent autobiography was Be my baby, by Ronnie Spector. Ronnie was in the 60’s kk-blog-4-biofamed girl group, the Ronettes. I didn’t know her, but I loved the song ‘Be My Baby’ and the cover of the book with her bouffant hair-do, false lashes and thick black eye-liner intrigue me.  I decided at 99 cents I had nothing to lose.  I got the book home, opened it up, started reading and, in 2 days, had read it cover-to-cover. Then and there, I was hooked on real life stories.

kk-blog-4-reading-cabinI read about a book a month.  I love learning from the lives lived by others.

One of my favorite quotes sums up my love of autobiographies: “Your life has purpose.  Your story is important. Your dreams count.  Your voice matters.  You were born to make an impact.”

Life is crazy, beautiful, amazing and unpredictable, and every person has their own story to tell . . . and, to me, these are the most interesting stories of all.

kk-blog-4-booksDo you like autobiographies as much as I do?  Please let me know!

If not, what do you like to read?  I’d love to know that too. Please share 🙂

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If at first you don’t succeed, do what your mother told you . . .

The other day a friend asked for my advice and, as I was trying to help, I heard myself say, “Well, as my mom always says” . . . then, I quoted one of her many sayings.  This is when I realized that I not only have a great mom who’s kind, fun, and endlessly supportive, but she’s also darn smart.

Kristine blog 2 mom 2016When it comes to navigating life’s twists and turns, she always seems to know the right thing to do and the right thing to say.  This blog is to both celebrate my mom and share some of her gems with you . . . and I’ve included just a few below.  As you read through these, please think of your own mother and the words of wisdom she’s shared with you, and then please share with me!


Smart Quotes from my Mother Marilyn:

Kristine blog 2 1976“We Go By Improvement” . . . This means: don’t kill yourself trying to be perfect.  The goal here is to improve the situation.  For example: You wake up, stumble out of bed, look in the mirror and scream because you didn’t get you beauty sleep (the dark circles, and bags under your eyes prove it). Don’t crawl back to bed because you feel hideous, just be better, go by improvement.  Grab your under eye concealer, comb you hair, put on a bright color shirt . . . just improve the situation. I use this one all the time, as trying to be perfect is exhausting!  But, being better is not only doable, but also energizing.   You can always improve.

Kristine blog 2 mom 1983“Always Pray for the Truth” . . . When you’re confused, frustrated or unsure, look, ask and seek the truth.  You can’t fix a problem with speculations or assumptions.  When you have the truth, you can go forward. If you don’t have the facts, you’ll just make up a story and live in uncertainty.  The truth sometimes hurts, but it’s always a gift.

“Your Intuition is Your GPS” . . . Mom would say “I never worried about you, Kristine, because you follow your intuition, and your intuition is always right . . . so listen when it talks to you, it’s your GPS.” I follow this one to Kristine blog 2 mom 1989this day.  At times, I’ve gone into a room, turned around and left because it didn’t ‘feel right’ while, other times I’ve taken leaps of faith when a surprised opportunity came my way, just because it ‘felt right’. Intuition is God directing you, so don’t try another route.

 “Never apologize for being overdressed” . . . You go to a BBQ, and the dress code is casual. You show up in a pretty sundress with matching sandals, while the rest of the guests are wearing cut off shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. Your ‘casual’ is just different than theirs, and that’s okay!  You never have to apologize for trying to feel, look or act your best.

Kristine blog 2 mom 2009 “We’ll Have None of That” . . . This is my mom’s way of saying: not acceptable. You don’t have to raise your voice, or discuss a situation to death.  If you don’t like something . . . just have none of it.  End the discussion.  Stand for what you believe, and don’t apologize for it.

 Thanks Mom your guidance, love and wisdom . . . you’re the best!


Please share your motherly wisdom with me  – I’d love to know the smart things your mother says!

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