Made With Love

One of my favorite things to do in my downtime is to crochet!  My mom taught me this craft when I was teenager.  I remember how special it felt for me to sit by her side and watch her make incredible afghans as gifts for family and friends.  I will always remember how much joy she had going to the craft store to buy yarn – always picking out just the right color for that special someone.


When my mom gave me my first crochet needle (I still have it – #9 – I), it felt wonderful in my hand.  The first stitch I learned, as I am sure it was for most people, was the chain stitch – super easy!  From there I learned single crochet and double crochet which are stitches used to create my favorite pattern – the basket weave.  It is the only pattern that I do.  It is my specialty.  It is just so very easy.  My mom has encouraged me to try new stitches and patterns like she does….but to no avail, I’m a basket weave girl! My mom is very skilled at the craft and loves learning new stitches and patterns and makes everything from afghans, hats, scarves, baby clothes, sweaters, pot holders, wash clothes and so much more.

My absolute favorite thing to crochet is baby blankets, because…I LOVE babies!  I think they are one of God’s most precious gifts to us.  When you think about it…what a miracle!  They are so sweet and innocent.  I remember how I felt when I had my sweet babies and how special it was to wrap them up in a beautiful homemade blanket. To me, the gift of a baby blanket is so personal – I have had new parents bring their babies home from the hospital in their blankets and baptized in their blankets.  How special!

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