Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!

Allison blog 1LBeing a host on television seems to be all glitz and glamour.  The truth is, I’m pretty simple behind the scenes.  One of my favorite passions is great skin care and make up.  Being simple and being passionate about good skin care and makeup don’t seem to go hand in hand, but they do!  I’m on a quest to find solutions to my aging skin and love to have fun with makeup – whether it’s a nude, no makeup look or all dolled up!

My friends ask me all the time – ‘Do you really use all those products?” The answer is yes, yes and yes! What is your issue?  That’s the amazing thing about great beauty – every item IS a solution for someone!  My bathroom counter is a bit crazy because some days I go crazy with a great mask or peel, and some days I just use a little coconut oil to bring moisture back to my skin!

Allison blog 2RI was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease when I was little and battled my whole life with some type of stress to my skin.  When I was younger my mother would tell me just to love the skin I was in . . . and now I understand what she means.  Love what you have, really be happy in your own skin. In loving my skin, the entire world of skin care opened up to me.  So my suggestion is to simply have fun and try something new!                                                                                                                                                                                   No makeup at all…..yep, none.

There’s no wrong way to jazz up your routine and there might just be your next favorite eye cream around the corner.

So here goes my average day!

  • Always cleanse – Every day, morning, night, lunch time.  Seriously, whenever I need to add a little freshness to my day I cleanse my skin.  It might just be warm water all the way to a deep cleansing clean. My mom also told me to use good cotton washcloths, clean every time when washing to get a deep clean.
  • Hydrate – I use different creams for the different seasons and reasons.  If I’m going to bed, it might be something a bit heavier and, in the day, lighter.  But it really depends on my skin . . . if you need something specific, use it!
  • Eye Cream – Obsessed would put it mildly.  My eyes are showing their age and I love using different products . . . I’m on the quest to try them all!
  • Allison blog 3LMasks, Scrubs and Peels – Yes, Yes and Yes.  Have fun on a Friday, or after your boss yells at you, or when you just want to stay in and pamper yourself. Try new and fun ways to change things up and make yourself feel like a princess.

There are no rules for skincare, beauty or makeup. Love your skin, have fun with great products, try something new. Remember, your skin has been with you through it all and stuck with you!

Love, Joy and Peace!

p.s. Here’s one of my favorite, homemade Vanilla Lavender Sugar Scrubs – use on your feet, elbows and knees!

1 cup white sugar                                                                                            1/4 cup olive oil                                                                                                  1 teaspoon vanilla extract (pure)                                                                      5 drops of lavender oil

Mix it all together in a glass jar!

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Summer in St. Louis

BK photo 1 rightWhen I was a kid, Summers were filled with making my spending money cutting lawns, going to the McKenzie Neighborhood Pool when finished for the day, and frequent stops with my family at the St. Louis Phenomena, Ted Drewes, for the best Frozen Custard on this planet. If you ever travel to the “Show Me” State of Missouri, it’s well worth your time and travel to get there and get in line!

BK photo 2 left


Since the 1930’s, St. Louisans have been lining up 12-windows-across, sometimes 20-people-deep, to enjoy a cone, sundae or Concrete with our favorite toppings amidst the Frozen Custard Crowd.

BK photo 3 right


Depending on the night, you may see the mix of families with kids in red wagons, Muny Opera-goers dressed in full Lilly Pulitzer, and countless baseball, softball, & swim teams, either celebrating their victories or dusting off their losses.

BK photo 4 left









BK photo 5 rightMy favorite sundae is the ‘Tiramisu’, with chocolate, pistachios and cherries on top. It’s just one of dozens to choose from!  And yes, I have been more than once in the course of a day, on more than one occasion . . . (you would too!)

July is National Ice Cream month and, may I say, Frozen Custard more than qualifies.   So why not plan an ‘Ice Cream (or Custard) Social’! Gather your most deserving friends and family together to share in a tradition dating as far back as England’s King Charles II with something delicious that you make yourself.

No one Frozen Custard recipe would satisfy everyone’s different likes and/or food sensitivities, so I’m including a link to Pinterest to inspire you.   Note: frozen custard does not have to be just vanilla, and a number of recipes can even be made without an ice cream maker!  Custard is much like ice cream, just without the whipped air.  (Sorry, but Ted Drewes is not giving his up at any price, although many attempts have been made to buy him out.)

BK photo 7 middleWe make a lot of ice cream at home and will all the more with the fresh eggs our new chickens will provide this summer. Want to upgrade your creation? Consider shopping your local kitchen store for Lyle’s Golden Syrup. You’ll love the rich taste and it can be substituted in equal amounts to sugar, honey, or corn syrup. Enjoy!

BK photo 8 rightBK photo 6 right







P.S. Let me know how your ice creams turn out. I love to learn from you too!



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