Behind the Scenes with Effy Gems and Designer Effy Hematian

One of my favorite jewelry designers is Effy Hematian-not just because I love his rose gold panthers with diamonds, exquisite workmanship and use of colored precious gems, but also because he passionate about a business he started himself since 1979 – and he is adorable!  Wearing one of his Effy Ties along with a tailored Navy suit,  Effy is the epitome of a gentleman–warm, kind and gregarious, he began showing me around his multi-level office building where all of his designs are made.  Effy’s designs are all made and designed in the USA and I saw the floors and floors of workers who make it happen.

wr4-wendi-effyIn one room are the female photographers who touch every piece and capture their beauty for still shots.  Another stores bins and bins of gems, female workers tirelessly separating the colored gem stones to create matching earrings or to pave a ring so that all of the rubies, emeralds and sapphires match perfectly.  Did you know that women are only hired for this job as they have superior skills in color matching?  Since I’ve studied at GIA and am a certified diamond and colored stone grader, I can appreciate the work that goes into sorting each gem and the expertise it requires!

wr4-sorting-gems3wr4-sorting-gemswr4-sorting-gems2Another floor was dedicated to setting stones, polishing and finishing the piece, while still another floor dedicated to melting and pouring the gold into each mold for the rings, bracelets and necklaces they produce.  Effy has the design team in his own office with large computers where he can see his designs come to life on 3D screen; a series of awards decorate his walls – he beams with pride as he tells me about the designs that are being created for EVINE exclusively.

wr4-grinding-gemswr4-grindingI was taken to a room where all of the Effy designs are set up by style – from the dreamy and classic Panther collection with black diamonds, to diamonds, rubies, sapphires, serpants and leopard print (this gorgeous ring is one of our best sellers – wait until you see the matching pendant that we’ll be featuring in a month!).  I was most impressed by the men’s line which featured a diamond leopard band – we are bringing in the men’s line soon so get ready!  I could easily see a woman wanting this band ring too!   When I was brought to a large case of just enormous one-of-a-kind sapphire and emerald rings featuring the highest quality natural emeralds, I HAD to try a few on! These are movie star-ready for the red carpet and EVINE is going to be featuring a show dedicated to these high-end, exclusive pieces for those of you who really love estate style rings with high quality precious gems.  I’ll keep you posted on when that show will hit EVINE airwaves!



Get ready for another drool-worthy collection of gemstone and gold jewelry on EVINE this fall!  See you soon!

XO  Your Rock Hound,  Wendi Russo

GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP), GIA Certified Diamond Grader, GIA Certified Colored Stone Grader

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Behind the Scenes in NYC

Behind the Scenes with our fashion designers in NYC:  As a former NYC native, I was excited to do some family sightseeing at the Statue of Liberty, visit Ground Zero where two waterfall monuments have been built, naming all of those who passed during 9/11, eat fabulous food and of course,  SHOP!

wr-blog-3-chloeThe shopping in NYC can have your head spin with high end fashions and large chain stores that have cute fashion, but EXPENSIVE –  I was so excited to visit some of our biggest names in fashion to see what they had coming down the pike for fall- Marc Bouwer, WDNY, Indigo Thread Co. and the manufacturer who creates V by Vanessa Williams for Evine.

wr-blog-3-marcFirst stop – the meat packing district – a hot fashion mecca downtown just steps away from Ground Zero and Marc Bouwer Unlimited Headquarters.  Marc was the picture of a working designer in jeans and a t-shirt, working on a stunning gown for some of his big name celebrity clientele’s red carpet moment.  I saw racks and racks of fully beaded gowns, shirts, jersey gowns that he was adding crystals to and day dresses for spring!  He had bins and bins of jewels, trim, lace, Swarovski crystals and all color coded – an artist’s dream!  He began showing me the gowns wr-blgo-3-sequinsworn by celebrities, telling me who wore what and to which major event, and then showed me works in progress for us at Evine – let’s just say sleeves are BIG: bell sleeves, details on the sleeves, and faux suede.  I have his faux suede pants and LOVE them!  What would his fall collection be without a moto jacket in faux leather? Of course those are coming!  While I was there he had me try on some of his samples and I loved them!  They fit so well and his print is fun and inventive!  Marc is a genius with fashion and can make any body look their best – that is the ‘mark’ of a true designer.


wr-blog-3-yellowNext was a visit to Warren Donner, fashion designer for WDNY.  Warren has been in the fashion business for 35 years and has impeccable taste for trends!  When I saw his studio it was well-organized by color story and I saw so many beautiful pale pink romantic blouses, full bell sleeves with chiffon, sequins galore for the holidays, faux fur chubbies in black and white, and one I wanted to take home featuring chocolate/pale pink and ivory.  He is a master at bringing us affordable trends that make bold and fun statements.  You’ll LOVE what is coming up!  Warren himself has a penchant for ‘Veuve’ and apparently a day doesn’t go by without a glass of his favorite champagne –  you won’t hear me complaining!

wr-blog-3-wdYellow is his color and his yellow Corvette makes a statement everywhere he goes – he drove me to his favorite restaurant, Mr. Chows downtown where everyone knows his name.

wr-blog-3-wd-vetteMy daughter, a budding fashion designer, experienced duck for the first time. Great ready for a fabulous fall line up from Warren!

wr-blog-3-wd-dinnerThe manufacturer who works with some of our most popular brands like Indigo Thread and V by Vanessa Williams is located in NYC, and Susan Gainsborg is instrumental in working with our celebrity lines and helping them to bring their ideas to life!  Vanessa is bringing us jeans in the fall, along with more accents of color that flatter all body types.  There are a few pieces from Indigo, as well – of course I loved the sleeve on this top!  wr-blog-3-white-bellIndigo is bringing you more of what you love in faux suede, tie dyes, tunics, dramatic sleeves, lace and earthy tones that are denim friendly!  we’ve got a lot of Fashion coming up on the calendar, with a big Fall Fashion Day on the list.  See you there!

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